February 9, 2023

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A glitch in the PlayStation Network causes problems on Tuesday evening – games – news

You say there is another one available in case of a malfunction. but how is this @As is Can’t work and play? Something is going wrong somewhere, cloud or not.

When I was a Linux server manager in college, we had two internal locations in two different cities. If one of them falls flat, it will automatically make contact with the other and vice versa.

Then some important people thought that we should all get into the cloud. Because that was great. The master was persuaded by an undisclosed multinational which guaranteed 99.99% of uptime annually. Everything must be done. Everything we’ve worked for for years can be torn down and moved to the cloud.

Of course I was against this, because I am in this regard an old (suspicious) character. I always look at everything with the eyes of Argus but above all the privacy of thinking. Because everything, especially student files and personal data, was delivered to this multinational company in one fell swoop.

Well, I was able to elongate again, sorry. Back to promises. Within a few months, the 99.99% uptime promise had already been breached. They reached the site several times in the morning and could not log in, the mail was not available and our trusted redirection to another site was no longer there. We just had to wait and see when everything was back online.

So out of 8760 hours in a year, they should be online for 8759 hours. After a few months we were already offline for at least 20 hours during office hours (so don’t count the hours at night) and if you depend on that because of lessons, login procedures, mail, dns etc, you realize I didn’t have Cucumber then told you so.

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I no longer work there. for another reason. But how easy it is to win over VIPs with promises of this type of multinational already made me doubt that more of these kinds of problems would appear more often in the future.

We give up control very easily when we manage the server on site. Because we haven’t experienced any downtime like in the cloud because our failover policy is well laid out.

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