Criticism of the Grammys again: ‘I wonder how seriously you can take the award’

Criticism of the Grammys again: 'I wonder how seriously you can take the award'

Singer and rapper Drake paints for him nomination Back to the prestigious Grammys. This isn’t the first time that the organization behind the Grammys and Drake – and other artists – have been at odds with one another. This latest statement from Drake fits into a longer list with criticisms of the most important American Music Awards.

The exact reason behind Drake’s withdrawal is unknown, but it may have something to do with his nomination categories. Nominated this year for Best Rap Album with Certified Boy Lover Best rap performance with Method 2 sexy. In doing so, it lags behind the network in its top two categories: Best Song and Best Album.

The strained relationship between Drake and the Grammys started in 2017 when he met hotline bling won a Grammy Award in the Best Rap Song category; He replied at the time: “It’s not a rap song at all.” He said about his victory in radio interview. “Winning sounds like a great honor, but it wasn’t sung at all, it’s singing,” music journalist Atzi de Friese says in the paper. Radio NOS 1 news.

The numbers go much further.

FunX DJ Fernando Halman believes the Canadian artist now wants to make a “clear statement”. “He has always been placed in the rap category, while many of his songs go well beyond rap.” According to Hallman, Drake was supposed to be nominated in the Best Album category. “He breaks record after record.”

Black artists often don’t win in the two major categories, says de Friese. “Artists like Drake are almost getting their hands on those subcategories. They’re unhappy with that, because making pop music is more important than that. They don’t want to be trapped in civilized Categories. “

Drake won a total of four Grammys. “It’s not so much if you look at an artist of his stature. He’s been very dominant in America for the last 10 years,” says de Friese. Drake has been nominated 47 times for a Music Award since 2010.

Drake was nominated in the Best Rap Performance category with Way 2 Sexy:

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