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Comment that “customers cannot test their pre-ordered games first”. I think it is complete nonsense. Since when did it become normal to first be able to play/try a digital game and then get your money back?

Legislation that gives you a 14-day guarantee is based on this requirement. When you buy online, you don’t know what you are getting, hence consumer protection. Legislation for this has been extended to the digital world.

The fact that you can currently buy a cat in the digital bag does not mean that the legislation is crazy, just that it is not being complied with. Legally, you have that right, and the judge clearly agrees with you.

Whether this right and its reasonable scope are, of course, is an entirely different story. Legislation will have to be amended to make this not possible, so write to EU representatives if you disagree.

Personally, I think it’s only reasonable to be able to take a test in order to get a payout. This is of course difficult in practice, because you have completed almost every game if you take the two weeks time.

This is why the idea of ​​Steam, which gives you a certain amount of time to play, is a good alternative to that in my opinion. I think there should be a warning for something like this (“your return timer expires in ten minutes” or something) and something should be designed for short games that you can play in an hour, but the idea is good. You may be able to work with the advertised playing time which allows you to test five or two hours (whichever is shorter). Game developers can avoid this by setting very short run times for long games, but if properly advertised, it is up to the consumer not to spend €60 on something the developer estimates 10 minutes for.

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