Piercing of the lungs of Americans when they visit the dentist

Piercing of the lungs of Americans when they visit the dentist

Tom Josie, 60, had a pit, so the dentist reached for his training. He had a cough when the device hung in Josie’s mouth. With a sharp inhale before that, the drill bit came loose and ended up in the American’s lungs. “I didn’t feel it when it went inside,” Josie said A local TV channel

Deep in the lungs

A hospital scan shows how deep the piercing bit in his lungs is. Josie did not swallow about 2.5 cm of metal wire, but it became clear that she had inhaled it.

It was even more exciting for the Americans when it was not immediately clear how the drill should be removed. The matter is too deep for conventional equipment. If the drill cannot be removed, it will cost a little in Josie’s lungs.

Grief relief

In the end, the new equipment used to diagnose cancer provided a solution. This allowed the drill bit to be found and removed, much to Josie’s relief. “I was never happier than when I got up and saw the doctor with the drill in a plastic container,” he said.

The American was allowed to take the tool home as a souvenir. It is now in the cupboard in his living room.

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