Slot call: Netflix bakes them brown, ASML bakes them golden brown and go, Tesla

Slotcall: Netflix bakt ze bruin, ASML bakt ze goudbruin en hup, Tesla

Today’s story is of course a Netflix scam. There is now -35.9% on subscribersshrink

moment of purchase? Perhaps, but there may be more to the lower price. Like these other Big Tech Meta stars, Netflix may have reached the limits of its growth. Especially with the increasing competition. In such a zeperd there are usually more trains, but who knows.

Anyway, the price is now down about 70% since last year’s high. That’s hundreds of billions less in postage for shareholders. Yes, this is the risk of stock growth…

Bill Ackman’s Pershing Arena had a 1.6% hit at Damrak, to finish the story. Not so bad? And where there are risks, there is also opportunity? Go and see what Paul Whitling makes of it.

Where Big Tech Fund can pack its bags, the next box is already ready. Again about that infamous assessment: Too much for an automaker, but does that also apply to an innovative automaker with a genius as a CEO?

Lots of characters and action on Damrak and so forth, but first with a wide market. With talking heads today. The IMF also believes that he should participate in fairground divination. Expect prices, as a self-respecting organization, don’t bother with that. I will do something again Unsafe times To be.

Meanwhile in Frankfurt, where something might be moving:

Perhaps this has something to do with the German PPI number for March: over 30%! Again, the ECB’s only official mandate is a 2% inflation target. You waste your own words on it.

What does all this mean for the broad market? First AEX who sees the 730 again. Next stop is that 743.05 from two weeks ago. Down says 652.80 from early March. That seems a long way off, just like the all-time high of 829.66 from last November. Yes, we may have been in a bear market for five months.


  • Most stock exchanges even do it with one before the decimal point, which are excellent European indicators today
  • Wall Street is very volatile: blue-chip stocks are doing well, but technology is taking a hit again. Netflix really cuts it. ASML is also in the NASDAQ 100, climbing today and taking all the cutting tools in tow
  • Volatility So the CBOE VIX Index is up and the new VD DAX Index is up
  • This is partly due to the ECB’s BPO point, where the dollar took a 0.7% kick and rose about 1 cent at 1.086.
  • Oil Suddenly Drops, Gold Does Nothing And Cryptocurrencies Don’t Break Pots Today either

Finally, regarding the turbulent waves of the interest rate market, what’s happening here this year:

Porcelain 5

Many personalities today on Dumrak, including famous names. The second-quarter outlook looks poor with ASML’s first quarter, but the company is looking to 2025. Then sales will increase another 35%? Perhaps this is the fantasy that is giving price a whirl today.

It’s been a not-so-great ten months in the US for Just Eat Takeaway with GrubHub. On a large scale, growth has stalled, action is required and the company realizes it? Price is called a sigh of relief, but not after there was a new low with €24.88 shortly after the opening. is showing good growth in sales, but not a good development in earnings. The course flies over the board and doesn’t seem to know how to handle it. Price shows reverse from JETje, still more than +8.0% this morning

Nobody is talking about the depreciation of Heineken in the amount of 400 million euros, because the company knows how to pass high prices for raw materials and no less drunk beer because of this. Thus our office with a small addition of the undersigned.

Finally, about the offending Vubak and the tormented day:

Then there are recommendations for targeted price cuts for ArcelorMittal, DSM and Vopak and an increase in Heineken and AMG:

Is there anything else? Believes. Our trimmers are outperforming thanks to ASML, because the SOX sector index is also doing well with +1.0% against the Nasdaq 100. On top of that, technology, finance, and cyclical commodities almost come at the expense of value and real estate. Vastned is a former yielder and the rest appears to be.

  • Was it already anticipated and price in? DSM doesn’t do much on that a discount of protection materials
  • AkzoNobel will have numbers tomorrow: Can it pass prices like Heineken?
  • Unilever is also a usually questionable price and is currently on good P&G numbers (+2.5%)
  • ABN Amro stands at -4.3% this year versus ING -20.5%
  • After a few tough days, Alvin is looking forward to it again
  • You can also use your eyes, just draw a horizontal line over the tops of Basic-Fit
  • Great job again, Boskalis is more than HAL offer of €32.50
  • PostNL is showing signs of life again. Tomorrow 0.32 euros without dividends
  • Van Lanchot Campin, where did it come from? There is no news
  • Sligro, TomTom and BAM also look great, but on balance, these prices don’t do much
  • Beautiful Ibosco
  • Don’t panic, ForFamers and Vastned are pulling back for the right reason: Previous earnings

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