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Ministry of Health launches preliminary inquiry into violence perpetrated by supporters of Fursa celebrity against Minister of Health and Minister of Housing, Construction and Health:

bq. “A group of protesters from Fursa Popular, apparently they, surrounded and started throwing stones at the car they had officially identified. We remained motionless for about 15 to 20 minutes in the first block of Dakhna for any unjustified violence (Avenue).” Health Minister Oscar Ugarde said.

“There is no reason to justify violence. In a democratic society, there is no room for violence, and if the JNE takes its time, it must be respected, it is a constitutionally autonomous body. “Aryabi said during an event from Ayakuzho in a statement.

Similarly, the organization expressed its solidarity with the affected citizens and health ministers, Oscar Ugarde and housing, Solangal Fernandez. “(We ask) to bring those responsible to justice. (We remember), moreover, in a democracy there is a right to dissent, so all opinions must be respected. “, Maintains notification.

The CBP pointed out in a statement that reporters from Canal N, La Replica and ATV were attacked by violent protesters associated with these groups. “Attacking a reporter only for doing his job is a reprehensible act and not just an attack on the press based on freedom of expression and democracy, it is an attack on a person’s physical integrity.”, He noted

“The inauguration of 130 Congressmen is here on Friday, July 23 at 8 am, here, in the hemisphere.”He told reporters.

Congressmen will take office on July 23 and a new board of directors will be elected on July 26. | The inauguration of the elected Congressmen will take place next Friday, July 23, creating the new legislative powers for the period 2021-2026. Elected legislator Bernardo Quito (Peru Libre) this Thursday chaired the establishment of the Board of Directors of the Preparatory Board for the Constitution of the Next Congress of the Republic.

“[¿El ganador que proclame el JNE es el ganador de la elección?] Of course, if you trust JNE you have to trust it. When JNE follows him, we know, at that point, decision-making will begin. “He added.

“[¿Las elecciones fueron limpias?] Yes. [¿En el resultado no hay ningún fraude?] Proper large-scale fraud? No. There are minor material errors in every election process. “He made the announcement in an interview with Radio Santa Rosa this morning.

“My solidarity with the media, public officials and our sympathizers is that they have been attacked by groups in support of Fujimoris, in their legitimate right to peaceful struggle.”He wrote on social media on Thursday.

“The People’s Force rejects any acts of violence committed today against members of the press, private property and the car of the Minister of Health. I reject these attitudes and publicly condemn them, hoping that those responsible can be identified., He revealed.

Through his Twitter account, he said he hoped more causes would be identified and asked not to confuse these “regrettable acts” with the “peaceful protests” taking place across the country after the second round.

He reported his meeting through his Twitter account and pointed out that they were “working together to create a real change”.
“Meeting with members of the New People’s Force Bench on a production day outlining our legislative work on 2021-2026, with the support of Idea International., Wrote.

“All zeros have already been resolved and JEE will release their decentralized minutes today [ayer]The only way to wait until there is an appeal is to finally release the JNE Public Notice Act, which is an integrated one. “Alexandra Marallano, JNE’s presidential adviser, told El Comrizio.

On Tuesday afternoon, virtual hearings were held in 15 special election jurors (JEEs) to announce the decentralized results. National Election Arbitrator (JNE) Not yet listed as ‘Resolved’. JEE Arequipa 2 was the last to speak on the release of its decentralized declaration law. Thus ended the proclamation at 60 J.E.E.

good morning. Today, we start with the news information for Thursday, July 15th Peru Election 2021 – Second Round June 6. Everything about what happens with Point Pedro Castillo and Keiko Fujimori, we tell you minute by minute.

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