UK intelligence warns that China, Russia and Iran are spying on civilians and trying to manipulate them

Police in London (Reuters)
Police in London (Reuters)

The head of MI5, Ken McCullum, the British intelligence service, warned on Wednesday of threats from hostile countries such as China and Russia, and urged people to be as vigilant as terrorism.

“Over time, we need to create the same awareness and resistance among the public to the state threats we have reached over the years with terrorism,” he said in his annual speech at MI5 headquarters in London.

Citing cyber-attacks and misinformation along with espionage operations, he warned that these were not limited to the government and companies.

“We have identified over 10,000 sneaky attitudes toward ordinary people in the UK”

We have identified over 10,000 sneaky attitudes for ordinary people in the UK”, He said in detail.

McCullum said MI5 faces every day Spy threats and activities are mainly “in various forms from government or pro-government organizations in Russia, China or Iran.” They should be managed in conjunction with the UK’s efforts to engage with the three countries.

Ken McCullum, Director General del MI5
Ken McCullum, Director General del MI5

Intelligence agencies in the UK and other Western countries have long warned of the growing threat to China and Russia in both traditional espionage and cybersecurity. “We find the findings of brilliant academics and researchers being stolen or copied“The work of many more companies, he added.

This is happening on a large scale. It affects all of us. British jobs, British public services, the future of the British, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

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He warned the public not to be afraid, but to be vigilant: “If you work for a high-tech company, or engage in advanced scientific research, or export to certain markets, it will be more interesting than you think.” – For foreign spies ”.

“Discoveries of brilliant academics and researchers are being stolen or copied (…) This is happening on a large scale”

McCullum described The growing threat of far-right terrorism, By 2020 your company has accepted its responsibility.

Said the British official One-fifth of all anti-terrorism investigations in the UK, with the exception of Northern Ireland involving right-wing extremists. Of the 29 tracks in its 29 phases over the past four years, 10 were extreme right-wing terrorism, he said.

British authorities have identified "More than 10,000 sneaky attitudes of ordinary people in the UK by foreign spies ”(REUTERS / Tom Nicholson)
British authorities have identified “more than 10,000 sneaky attitudes by foreign spies to civilians in the UK” (REUTERS / Tom Nicholson)

In line, Christopher Vare, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, warned earlier this year that domestic terrorism was a growing threat in the United States.

“Extreme right-wing extremism rests here”

McCullum lamented that “extreme right-wing extremism rests here,” explaining that these movements add young people to their ranks who are motivated by the digital environment of “echo rooms” with hateful messages. There are even young people under the age of 13 who are recruited with violent aspirations to impress each other. It also makes it harder to determine what you really want to take violent action.

“This is a desperate phenomenon, almost civilized, in which there are atoms on the internet,” he said.

The UK spy ring also includes the Secret Intelligence Service – also known as MI6 and the home of the fictional super spy James Bond – as well as cybersecurity firm GCHQ.

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