After the United States, Ukje expands to Canada and Asia

After the United States, Ukje expands to Canada and Asia

With the advent of overseas markets, there are enormous opportunities for e-commerce brands with high quality flagship product. Ukraine’s Sifra Kaitenbeek sees it. During the CrossPorter event on November 16th, Amazon will talk about the tremendous growth the company has achieved by setting foot in the USA.

Ten years ago Sifra Keitenbeek founded Ukje. The company designs and sells cards for children’s furniture such as car seats. Ukjay can be found on and Amazon since 2012, and the company has grown in Europe over the years. In the summer of 2021, the brand was launched in the United States. If you want to become bigger with your D2C brand, it is worthwhile for you to stand alone. Standing alone in a large crowd is tricky, so go to your main place. With the advent of markets, you can become huge with your core product. ‘

What important message will the audience of your speaker session take home?
‘If you have a good quality product, if you want to do business, the potential for growth beyond your borders is truly limitless. This is already possible by a small group. International e-commerce is well measurable! ‘

What are the current challenges in cross-border e-commerce?
‘Actually, everything, including Amazon, is very organized, not the least bit difficult. We have an international team, so we speak the required languages ​​together. ‘

What are you particularly proud of?
Multilingual reviews of our products. Everywhere our customers, parents of small children, say the same thing. Because they are so happy with their Ukje card it saves them work and makes family life easier. That’s why we do it. That is our motto too; For a happy family. Reading reviews gives us more energy.

What are your plans across the border?
‘We are currently in the process of launching in Canada as well. For now, we can make good progress in the new US and Canada markets. After that, Asia is on the agenda. ‘

Crossporter event
One of the speakers at Sifra Geijtenbeek Crossporter event, Nov. 16 Meravelt, Utrecht. In addition to Geeztanbeek’s presentation, you will hear other stories from Tony’s Sokalonely, Stove and many other successful retailers overseas.

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