Pauline Wengelaar of Real Gooische Moeders goes in for Botox

Pauline Wengelaar of Real Gooische Moeders goes in for Botox

Pauline becomes increasingly disturbed by a “dent” on her forehead and wants to do something about it. And so I made an appointment to get Botox. Even before entering the clinic, Bo is doing well beforePauline’s photo. The shot is then extensively analyzed by the ladies.

Pauline looks hopefully at Leslie and Beau once they enter, but they are not yet convinced of this preventative treatment. Leslie doesn’t like Botox: “Everyone gets a bow when those muscles contract, right?” She hopes there will be one Real Gooische grandmothersPrint comes and then she can proudly show her face with wrinkles.

A little later, Pauline was finally allowed to sit in the chair. She abhors needles, but whoever says “should” should also say: “B Botox,” she’s kidding. Fortunately, Bo cheers her up: “Come on, Paula, you can do this!”

The treatment finished within a few minutes. Pauline immediately grabs a mirror. Still a little embarrassed, she tries to frown, but she is disappointed that this “perversion” is still there. Unfortunately, the maximum result will take another 2 weeks. Patience is a virtue.

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