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A 65-year-old former Samsung executive has been arrested in South Korea on suspicion of stealing design and technology from Samsung’s chip factory in China. The man wanted to build a replica of the factory a mile away.

It will be Samsung’s factory in Xi-an, China. The Samsung CEO reportedly stole €216m worth of ‘technology and data’ from Samsung and planned to build a version of the factory with €5.8bn investment from a Taiwanese company. When that company failed to deliver on its promise, he turned to Chinese investors. They gave him €332m to start and he is said to be with that money Research and developmentThe factory department even managed to produce prototypes.

The man, referred to as “Mr. A. ‘, to work for Samsung for eighteen years in the past, but also with SK Hynix. The guy hired 200 employees, mostly from Samsung and SK Hynix in China. in addition to mr. a. Six more were arrested on suspicion of complicity. Write it all down YonhapAnd Business Korea and bloomberg.

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