Netflix price hike angers subscribers

Netflix price hike angers subscribers

In the Netherlands, you pay around 8 to 16 euros for your Netflix subscription. Prices are definitely not fixed for the coming years and we will definitely get a price increase in the long run. Rates are currently being raised again in the United States.

Pricing has been increased to $15.49 for the Standard plan and $19.99 for the Premium plan. The basic subscription went from $8.99 to $9.99. This is not going well. Subscribers are shocked, among other things, by communications about the increase.

More entertainment
“We hope you enjoy all that Netflix has to offer. We’re updating our pricing to bring you more great entertainment,” It reads the email that notifies Netflix subscribers of the price of their increased monthly subscription.

“With this update, we can add even more value to your membership – with stories that lift your spirits, move you or make your day just a little bit better,” can be read.

Not everyone likes the email tone. “This is easily the worst marketing communication ever,” Someone writes on Twitter. And the high price of the film, which apparently increased in the United States recently, is also not good. Because yes, there are about 20 Netflix peaks. It’s still expensive.

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