Patrick Keiken: Quinn and Sander in relationship therapy, they suddenly want to continue together on Veronica

Patrick Keiken: Wietze de Jager until the morning of 3FM

[BLOG] It’s hot, isn’t it? This means that things are getting hotter in some homes. This is also the case with the Coen and Sander family, of The Coen and Sander Show. About 8 days ago we were informed by Speak tube that they are in the new radio season They should give up their place to Frank Dine, who can then activate the afternoon display at 538. This of course creates turmoil even in the best of marriages. So Sander Lantinga decided it was time for something else, and that was: Radio Veronica. Quinn, despite his toughness, wants to keep pumping hits at 538 at all costs. So: Lantinga to Veronica and C&S Far, Alone, Alone, as it was traded after 3 days. But, Suske and Wiske of the radio, secretly, are still looking to see if the matter can still be glued to.

Yes, it is not only Talpa TV branch that different scenarios come and go. They shouted at Today Inside. No no, a few weeks later. Nor is it easy to have your will under John de Mol. The same goes for the radio branch. Then Coen and Sander might want to do something without each other again, and then forget for a moment that they are contracted and therefore owned by the Meneer de Mol. Just like Genee, Gijp and Derksen. And who pays, decides. So it looks like it’s been decided the roads to Swijnenberg and Lantinga won’t part yet, and it looks like there’s a last-ditch effort to keep the duo, which costs a lot of money and also makes a great deal of money together. Screenplay by Johann Dirksen, but in the land of radio. But then on another Talpa radio station, Rob Stenders’s Radio Veronica, I listened least to it out of the four. (538, Sky, Radio 10 and Veronica are all owned by De Mol).

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I have to tell you, I choked on a chicken breast sandwich when I heard that scenario this afternoon. What an unpredictable, uncertain and worrisome existence he is as an employee of Talpa. One moment you decide this, the next time you have to do the exact opposite of your employer. I wished for both of them so much, you finally reinvented yourself. Coentje at Niek van der Bruggen’s stressing venue now from 12-2pm on Radio 538, Lantinga & Marisa in the afternoon from 4-7pm on Radio Veronica. How wonderful is that sound! It was a welcome change in the afternoon, as it is mainly dominated by an excess of men. You could have launched your own Mattie & Marieke under Veronica’s flag.

Quinn wanted himself You have nothing to lose in Telegraaf TVExcept he thinks I’m only writing nonsense here. Because the Coen & Marieke 538 scenario, which I suggested a while ago, wouldn’t happen either. No, this is not possible for Quinte. If you’re smart about it, you’ll just stick with the 538 and it could become a reality for you someday, if Dave Minneboo can weed it out in QMusic. But no, every Talpa employee pulls his litter off the slightest thing. What a bad feeling it must give you, that you know you really have nothing to say. Like a pawn on a chessboard, you are simply taken to another channel, even if you don’t want to do it yourself. I can still spot a positive point about this radio series: Finally something exciting happens people are talking about, instead of all that good stuff in pictures/talk on national stations, whether or not they are devoured each other by that bastard Domain Who wants to be the best boy in the class

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From a business standpoint, I can imagine you’d think ‘Let me pick eggs for my money and stay together in this relationship. At least now I know what I have. And they can devour it as lead in the duo for years to come. But where have these hotheads who want to innovate gone, not if it’s Jack Herb’ But they have to sing Manuela every day but they think: ‘I have more to give. Die De Mol can do something for me, I’ll do it solo again, if necessary with QMusic’. Yes, they are under contract with Talpa, but I’m sure if you You look at the court You’ll have more control over your future It’s not for nothing that Sojnenberg got stressed out a while ago Have you heard of the term “pregnancy”? That you don’t care what you’re doing and you’re setting yourself on fire. A silent killer I know all about.

It would be the same scenario as Giel Beelen with Veronica: you’re not just copying a formula from one station to another. This was already the case when Coen and Sander moved from 3FM to 538, by which time they were already past their peak. Now Stenders now gets this double sandwich ripped in his stomach it makes me so sad to hear that. Let’s get something new on the radio! Find more exciting new combinations. The listener deserves it and so do the makers. If the radio carousel is no longer static and no points are available for new and successful players in prime time, I’m afraid the radio medium will still be around in 10 years. It would be even worse for Quinn and Sander, at the time they had chewed themselves up so much that they still managed to shake off the last shred of self-esteem as a bit of Pacey and Adrien as camp work at parties and parties.

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