Kiss van der Sek meets his lookalike Rene van der Gibe

Kiss van der Sek meets his lookalike Rene van der Gibe

Program maker Kis van der Sek was surprised when he spent his vacation in Spain. He met his TV colleague Rene van der Geep. Or at least that’s what he thought, it turns out to be a lookalike.

You really can’t miss Rene van der Jeep. His distinctive appearance and contagious smile make him a “one of a kind” case. At least in the Netherlands, because van der Speck hit an appearance from a football analyst.

Kiss van der Sek meets like Rene van der Gibe

The show maker is currently on vacation and had to look three times when he bumped into a van der Geigb likeness on the balcony. Turns out they’re not Dutch VI– To be a face, but a British lookalike.

Van der Speek could not resist approaching and approaching the man, surrounded by video images of Van der Gibek screaming on his phone. Show maker British show look like photos a program Today insidewhere van der Gijb, as we know him, shows his signature laugh.

The same infectious smile

The British man looks carefully at the photos. He also wears the same signature black eyeglasses and has an identical haircut as VI-Scene. But best of all was the reaction of the British tourist, who turned out to be Nick. After the video ends, the Briton shouts. What do you think? A laugh as contagious as Mr. Van der Geep.

Van der Sek couldn’t resist capturing the moment and sharing the photos on social media. What causes the necessary fun, is evident from the reactions.

René van der Gijp back in the tube with VI

By the way, it won’t be long before people see the real Van der Gijp on TV again. on August 15 Today inside That is, back on the tube after summer vacation.

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