Additional security officers allow more people to fly from Schiphol again

Additional security officers allow more people to fly from Schiphol again


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Schiphol will allow more than 5,000 passengers per day to depart next month compared to July. The airport will deploy an additional 200 security guards in August, freeing up space for more travelers.

This does not yet solve all the problems. Last month, there were an average of 13,500 passengers per day, in the first week of August, these new numbers mean there are still about a thousand passengers per day, he writes. NH News.

This pertains to passengers whose flights have been rebooked, for example to another date or airport. Airlines can also decide in advance to sell fewer tickets.

After the first week of August, the expected number of departing passengers will not decrease, because the airport’s capacity during that period matches the expected supply, according to the airport.

social agreement

Schiphol He said earlier that measures to deal with crowds and a large workload are paying off for the first time. So about 200 new security guards were hired and a social agreement was made between Schiphol and the trade unions, including a summer bonus for employees.

Schiphol employees themselves are less optimistic about the airport’s summer plan, according to a survey conducted by the FNV union among Schiphol ground employees last month. At that time, 85% indicated that there were not enough people to do the work in a safe and responsible manner. 42% are concerned about the safety of passengers and flights.

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