This is what the new Corona measures mean for a serious request at 3FM

This is what the new Corona measures mean for a serious request at 3FM

Visit the Glass House

From Sunday 19 December 05:00 it is unfortunately no longer possible to automatically visit the Glass House in Amersfoort. Anyone who has previously registered will be notified in advance by email.

Can’t you come at all? In any case. Hourly 3FM invites a limited number of families or couples with a story or special event to visit the Glass House mailbox. Want to hand the check in next week, do you have a great promotion you want to tell or a beautiful and important story with the desired track record? Subscribe via 3FM will contact a number of people about how and when this is possible.

Workshops in the green heart

Unfortunately, the planned workshops with Armin van Buuren and André Kuipers are no longer going on. People who sign up for this will receive an email about it. Of course, these WWF ambassadors still visit Glass House to talk about their work for the World Wildlife Fund.

What is possible?

Almost everything! Sander, Frank, Jorien, and Rob will simply stay at the Glass House and still play your World Wildlife Fund record. Artists and guests still pass by, and the Glass House will be the best piece of entertainment this week before Christmas. You are also very welcome at 3FM Zoom. So Request your recordcome from home at work in a Donates. All to help the World Wildlife Fund protect and restore the rainforests of South America.

And most importantly: Turn your radio or TV on to an additional NPO 1 (with most channels on channel 81 like KPN and via Ziggo Channel 128) and feel very welcome in the Glass House with Sander, Frank, Jorien and Rob. on Christmas Eve. Towards a healthier climate and a better world.

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