Researchers warn of the dangers of continuing to use Bluetooth when the iPhone is turned off – tablets and phones – news

So you have to turn off an automated status tool in a nutshell yourself?

Of course you don’t have to do anything. †

Should you dive into the list yourself?

Is this something strange…? : s After all, that’s where the buttons are to turn things on/off, so that makes a lot of sense to me and anything but. However, you seem to be almost suggesting (want to) that disabling is a ridiculous amount of work compared to disconnecting, so let’s compare:

Ways to turn off WiFi completely:
– “Hey Siri, turn off WiFi”
– Long press the button and say “Stop WiFi”.
– Long press on Settings
| -> WiFi
|| -> Turn off the switch.
– Tap on Settings
| -> Click on Wi-Fi
|| -> Turn off the switch.

Streaming to disconnect WiFi:
– Swipe down to open CC
| -> Tap on the WiFi icon.
As far as I know, there is no alternative flow to just disconnect, the CC button is the only one that can do that for you.

Via Siri, you can quickly turn off WiFi or Bluetooth completely. And speaking of touching the screen without talking: the difference between disconnecting while keeping all the other features and turning WiFi off completely is literally one more screen tap.

Tell me, just by looking at the touchscreen: Is that one little extra tap to turn off instead of disconnect really so disastrous that it should cause a problem or even be called “unusable”? And I thought I was lazy. : s

And if this is a very large or very difficult request, you can (no need for anything) make a shortcut if you want, as I suggested. You can associate this with an action, for example clicking 3x on the back of the iPhone. Then it turns it off for you. †

Just because Apple thinks most people want it that way?

This is not thinking, but knowledge. People want their AirDrop, Apple Pencil, etc. to continue working as normal regardless of whether they are connected to a network or other accessories. Very logical too. Therefore, there is a button in the Control Center that allows you to quickly and easily disconnect from the network without any impact on all these functions, to provide these people with an easy option to do so.

Want to turn off WiFi completely? fine too! This can be done quickly and easily in many of the ways I described above. Are there people who want the CC button to also mean “WiFi is completely off”? Obviously, but they are out of luck: this button is only there to disconnect / reconnect. To switch the slide you have to use the intended button or Siri, quite simply and something for everyone. No need for drama I guess? But this could be me.

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