March 24, 2023

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Hybrid heat pump mandatory from 2026 when central heating boiler replacement |  right Now

Hybrid heat pump mandatory from 2026 when central heating boiler replacement | right Now

The Cabinet announced on Tuesday that the hybrid heat pump will become the standard for heating homes from 2026. This means that people are obligated to install such a pump when their central heating boiler needs to be replaced. For unsuitable homes, an electric heat pump or connection to the heating network is also an option.

With this measure, the government wants to speed up the transition to sustainable energy. “The urgency is great and the pace must be increased,” says Minister Hugo de Jonge (Wenen). “It is also better for everyone’s wallet if we use less natural gas.” “Together with installers and suppliers, the government wants to make a change.”

Minister Rob Gettin (Climate Affairs) adds that more technicians will be trained in the coming years and that heat pump production will be increased by 2026.

According to government figures, a heat pump provides 60 percent of natural gas consumption. In already well-insulated homes, an all-electric heat pump is a better alternative: it doesn’t use natural gas at all. In cities where thermal networks are installed, houses can also be connected to them.

To make the transition as smooth as possible, the government is subsidizing the purchase of a pump. That’s up to 30 percent of the purchase price. The government has allocated 15 million euros annually for this purpose until 2030. In addition, financing is available through the National Heat Fund, at an interest rate of 0 percent for people with low and middle incomes.