Bizarre Advertisement on Russian State TV: Hungry Christmas in Europe with Hamsters on the Menu | abroad

with videoThe Russian state broadcaster RT has produced a wonderful Christmas wish for its viewers and those in Western Europe. The volatile message: Supporting Ukraine is expensive. Bob Van Hoyt December 24th. 2022 Last updated: 13:58 In the bizarre video, Russian propaganda channel RT – which is banned in the EU – wishes all Europeans […]

Acquiring Activision Blizzard is good news for gamers according to Microsoft | Technique

Microsoft was in the process of being acquired Call of dutyCreator Activision Blizzard. The organizers have serious doubts about this. In a new defense, Microsoft states that the acquisition is “good for all gamers,” reports the news outlet Reuters Friday. “The acquisition of a game studio by a third-ranked PC manufacturer cannot distort competition in […]

Developer Is Sharing Elon Musk’s Flight Info On Twitter Again, But It’s Getting Delayed – IT Pro – News

Developer Jack Sweeney is sharing flight information from Elon Musk on Twitter again, but with a 24-hour delay. Previously, his accounts, including @ElonJet, were suspended for sharing real-time location data of Musk and other known individuals. Sweeney splits up their website It’s called a link to a new Twitter account @employee. The description states that […]

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