March 30, 2023

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BNNVARA wants to speak to former employees of De Wereld Draait Door |  The media

BNNVARA wants to speak to former employees of De Wereld Draait Door | The media

The management of BNNVARA includes all the former employees of The world goes on (DWDD) is invited for an interview. A spokesperson for the broadcaster confirmed this on Thursday. The broadcaster sent out the invites in response to the article De Volkskrant Where violations were raised in the program.

Former employees of DWDD It can be discussed jointly or individually with management. “Just what people need,” the spokesperson said. In fifteen years, more than three hundred people have worked on the program.

Talk show host Matthys van Nieuwkirk discredited with an article De Volkskrant Posted on Friday evening. In it, former employees talk about Van Nieuwkerk’s “cross-border” modus operandi and the atmosphere behind the scenes. Dozens of people got sick because of the working conditions. Since then, Van Nieuwkerk has broken off his collaboration with BNNVARA.

The NPO announced a major investigation into behind-the-scenes misconduct DWDD. Frans Klein, video director of the NPO, was BNNVARA’s media director at the time and was closely involved in the programme. He has temporarily resigned from his position pending the outcome of the investigation.

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