The French judiciary is investigating money flows during President Macron’s election campaigns | Abroad

The French judiciary is investigating money flows during President Macron's election campaigns |  Abroad

French prosecutors have launched an investigation into President Emmanuel Macron’s 2017 and 2022 election campaigns.

The question is whether the 44-year-old politician illegally benefited from the services of the US consulting firm McKinsey. This came in a statement issued by the financial prosecutor’s office in Paris. Government spending on foreign advice has skyrocketed under Macron.

Since the spring, tax investigations have been under way against McKinsey over possible bank account manipulation and allegations of nepotism. It was previously announced that the American consulting firm has not paid taxes in France for at least ten years. According to McKenzie, the law was complied with.

Also being investigated is whether McKinsey favored giving advisory jobs with a positive outcome to Macron, and was rewarded for doing so without giving up. In France, there is a cap on election campaign costs, to give outsiders a chance, too.

Macron’s office said it had taken note. According to the Elysee, it is up to the judiciary to conduct investigations with complete independence.

Several French politicians have been accused over the years of overspending or trying to cover up campaign spending. Among them is the late former President Jacques Chirac.

Former President Nicolas Sarkozy was sentenced last year to a year in prison for illegally financing his 2012 re-election bid.

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