MSI Shows A Teaser Of A 49-Inch Superfast Monitor With A QD OLED Panel And 240Hz Refresh Rate – PC – News

MSI is working on an “ultra wide” monitor with a QD OLED panel and a 240Hz refresh rate. It appears to be a 49-inch screen, the first QD OLED with this refresh rate and has a tilting screen, MSI doesn’t say when exactly the screen will be launched.

MSI Project 491C

MSI reports on Twitter It is working on the first “ultrafast” panel with QD OLED. The manufacturer calls this monitor “Project 491C”, indicating that it is a 49-inch screen with an aspect ratio of 32: 9. The image of the monitor seems to confirm this suspicion. MSI reports that the monitor will have a 240Hz refresh rate, but it doesn’t share information on the exact resolution.

Project 491C will be the first QD OLED display with a 49-inch diagonal, although 49-inches are already available with LCD screens. Currently, manufacturers only offer QD OLED screens with a diagonal of 34 inches, Including MSI itself. In addition, this is the first QD OLED panel with a refresh rate of 240Hz.

MSI does not share any other details about Project 491C. The company says it will share more details at CES. The show will be held in Las Vegas from January 5-8. MSI’s Project 491C has already won a CES Innovation Award before the show, the manufacturer says on Twitter.

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