Pedro Castillo makes presidential plans and gestures, while waiting for the long announcement of the winner of the big vote

06-15-2021 Peruvian Presidential Candidate Point Pedro Castillo South America Politics PERÚ RICARDO MOREIRA Socialist Point Pedro Castillo, who led the counting of votes in Peru’s presidential election, called for unity on Friday, finally outlining some plans for a government. While waiting for the official announcement of the winner of the election. The announcement of the […]

‘We want to turn a Cancun into a Dios in Gracias’: Deputy Oscar Najera

Colon, Honduras. Oscar Najera, Honduran Department Deputy Colon (National Party) said he felt “Satisfaction“For creation Foreign investment projects in the Colon and Gracious A Dios region. The congressman explained that traders from the United Arab Emirates would invest about $ 1 billion in tourism and agricultural projects in the region. “I especially It is satisfying […]

50% additional diffusion types of Govit-19

Tegucigalpa Once confirmed that there are new variations Govit-19 in Honduras, Officials Health Ask people to strengthen actions Survival. Yesterday, surveillance unit officials Secretary of Health Confirmed the three types of concern and one of interest in the area. One of them, Alpha, has been in the country since April. With a statement, Health “The […]

Russia seeks to double aid to Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela in the face of “external threats” | International

One person passed a mural on June 21 in Managua by Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.STRINGER / Reuters Said Russian Defense Minister General Sergei Shoyuk Nicaragua, Russia’s allies in Latin America, Cuba and Venezuela, need “more than ever” to confront Moscow’s classification as “threats”, including “open use of military force” against those countries. They maintain […]

The United Kingdom has denied that Russia’s fire in the Black Sea was a warning to its destroyer: “They carried out an artillery exercise.”

British destroyer HMS Defender and Dutch warship HNLMS Everson (REUTERS / Yoruk Isik) on June 14 in the Phosphorus Strait The The UK Defense Ministry on Wednesday denied Moscow’s allegations against the Russian navy Warning shots against the British destroyer “HMS Defender” South of the peninsula Crimea, And said it was a military exercise. According […]

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