Wednesday NS International leaders strike | interior

Wednesday NS International leaders strike |  interior

The leaders (train managers) of NS International working in Intercity Brussels will be out of work for the whole day next Wednesday. Railroad unions FNV Spoor and VVMC reported this.

They are angry that they are paid less than their colleagues who work at Thalys Eurostar and ICE Berlin & Nightjet. For example, these conductors receive a lower-than-normal surcharge as compensation for additional knowledge of foreign laws and regulations.

Henri Janssen, FNV Spoor: NS International conductors have a tough package of duties, but are not paid accordingly. What makes them so angry is that there is no difference in wages between NS International drivers who work in the three different segments. Why does the employer do this to leaders? “

According to Rob de Groot, Director of VVMC, NS International submitted a “nonsense” final bid. Therefore, members of both unions largely rejected NS International’s latest offer. “It feels like a stab in the back to them,” the unions say.

The strike at NS International will begin at night from Tuesday to Wednesday, just after midnight. After that there will be no trains from Amsterdam to Brussels for 24 hours. If a better offer is not made, unions will not rule out new measures, including on other international NS trains.

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