Daredevil Annemarie takes gamble after gamble in a compelling episode Million Hunt | to watch

Daredevil Annemarie takes gamble after gamble in a compelling episode Million Hunt |  to watch

Where Annemarie manages to keep her cool tonight in the new episode of chasing a million dollars On SBS6, the tension in the studio was very noticeable. The 52-year-old company doctor from Aalsmeer played role after role, but each time he was not satisfied with the bank’s offer. In the end, she was rewarded for her perseverance and Anne-Marie returned home €182,500 even richer.

Anne-Marie is 52 years old, but has recently started a new education. She is already a corporate physician, but she wants to expand her knowledge by studying integrative medicine. Of course this costs a lot of money, so Annemarie hopes to be able to spend a portion of the money earned on it. But her wishes do not stop there. She really wants to open her own clinic and, if possible, also buy a plot of land to create small houses with friends.

Where are the other participants from chasing a million dollars They often have a tactical number in their heads to pick as their “lucky suitcase,” the number just comes out of the blue with the Annemarie. I thought about it for a while, but soon I stopped thinking, because I can’t figure it out anyway. I’ll see.” She decided to play the rest of the evening without any premeditation.

Annemarie starts the first round in good spirits, but immediately loses 750,000 euros. But that shouldn’t spoil the fun: she only plays a few volumes afterward. So the bank immediately offers a large sum of 47,000 euros. But, as presenter Linda de Mol puts it, “No one presses the button after the first round” and Anne-Marie quickly picks up not agree.

dream scenario

In the second round, Annemarie plays again with only low amounts. ‘This is a dream scenario,’ Linda de Mol replies. The bank is already offering 147,000 euros, but Anne-Marie is confident in her ability to increase the amount and is not satisfied with the bank’s offer. It also does not accept an offer of 197,000 euros in the third round.

Where Anne-Marie was very lucky in the first few rounds, the fourth round begins immediately with a low adjuster: she loses 5 million euros. Linda de Mol replied. But this is no longer the case. The bank offers only 69,000 euros. Shame, but Anne-Marie chose again I don’t agree And play happily.

go ahead

Plenty of people would have stopped by now, but even in the fifth, sixth and seventh rounds, Anne-Marie, on Linda’s advice, is unhappy with the bank’s offer. Anne-Marie still has €500,000 and, according to Linda, her bag is “worth more than a ton anyway”.

Perseverance is rewarded at the end, because in the eighth round Annemarie gets a chance to win €182,500. Somewhere I still dare to take a gamble.” “But I think it’s cool. So I think I will do this.” After eight rounds (most played this season) she chose Deal And he goes home the richest 182,500 euros.

Miljoenenjacht can be watched every Sunday at 8pm. on SBS6 and can be seen at KIJK.nl

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