Medical mouth cover and corona proof are necessary in Austrian ski lift

Medical mouth cover and corona proof are necessary in Austrian ski lift

Austria introduces additional measures for Corona for the upcoming ski season. For example, winter sports enthusiasts are only allowed to enter the ski lift using the Corona Pass and open post-ski under certain conditions. It is mandatory to wear a medical FFP2 face mask in elevators.

The Austrian Cabinet declared the additional rules “strict rules, safe winter”. For Austria, the so-called 3GThe line, which symbolizes vaccination, treatment or test. A negative antigen, PCR, and rapid test result is still valid. On the other hand, distance rules and capacity restrictions on ski lifts will be abolished.

Austrian Tourism Minister Elisabeth Kostinger It was clear: “If you want to have a safe and carefree winter vacation, you should get vaccinated.” If the number of infections increases, the authorities can tighten the measures even more.


In Austria, ski areas will open, but this is not entirely certain for other countries. Switzerland, as one of the few countries in Europe, kept the slopes open last year. This year, skating will likely also be possible, but no additional rules have been announced yet.

Last week, senior officials from the Ministry of Health hinted at the introduction of the Corona Trail for winter sports enthusiasts, in writing. Swiss media. The Corona pass is already mandatory for the catering industry in the country and mouth coverings must be worn indoors.

Since winter sports are recreational, it is also legitimate to apply a permit for this, according to the authorities.


It is also likely that the ticket entry will be for fans of winter sports in France French media. The so-called “health card” is already mandatory in many places in the country, for example in the food industry and in places where more than fifty people meet.

“I don’t understand why the ski areas can’t be opened,” France’s deputy tourism minister said earlier. “We’ve reopened nightclubs and I don’t see why it shouldn’t be for ski lifts.” Today the minister consulted with the ski lift operators trade association.

Nothing is known about the regions in Italy yet.

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