Omroep Flevoland – News – Shocking and disappointing reactions to energy shortages in Flevoland: “Very bad news”

Omroep Flevoland - News - Shocking and disappointing reactions to energy shortages in Flevoland: “Very bad news”

The municipality of Miri has reacted with shock to the problems with the electricity grid. The mayor and local council members described the announcement as “very bad news” and called on the Cabinet to take action quickly.

It was announced on Wednesday that new homes may not be able to connect to the electricity grid from 2026. The province of Flevoland also believes that the congested power grid is primarily a problem that the government must solve in cooperation with grid operator TenneT.

“severe problem”
Large consumers in eastern and southern Flevoland are already facing a problem. More than 200 companies will not be connected at the present time because the network cannot handle them. “We urgently call on the government and Tenet to find solutions,” says Almere city councilor Alexander Sprung. “We have a severe problem,” he continues.

Sponge is very concerned about Almir’s growth and greening plans. If the power grid capacity is not adjusted quickly, homes built in about two years will not be able to be connected to the grid.

Greening is about making homes more sustainable by unplugging them from gas. The alternative includes a heat pump. This will increase power consumption.

Quickly sit down with your network operator
“The problem is mainly at peak times,” says Rep. Harold Hofstra. He describes the situation as worrying and therefore calls on the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate to meet with TenneT as soon as possible.

The MP believes the high-voltage network is scheduled to be expanded in 2029, but that is too late.

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High voltage towers are not simply added. There are a lot of things involved, for example regulations. According to Hofstra, this is primarily an issue between the government and TenneT. The MP says he can play a role in the substations.

This concerns power cables and transformer stations in residential areas. Expansion will also be necessary in many places. When there is a problem with regulations, Hofstra wants to see how it can be expedited.

Dronton is disappointed
The municipality of Dronten also reacted with disappointment to the report: “There is no doubt that the research findings have serious consequences for Dronten’s growth ambitions in the field of housing, economics and sustainability. What exactly will be the impact on the various areas of policy? “We will investigate,” the municipality of Dronten said. In the coming months.”

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