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Twitter has established temporary daily limits that allow authorized users to read a maximum of 10,000 Twitter posts per day. Free users can read 1,000 tweets per day, while new free users can read another 500 tweets. According to Elon Musk, the limits are necessary to prevent large-scale data collection on the platform.

Twitter owner Elon Musk announced the daily restrictions himself on the platform. Initially, verified Twitter users could read up to 6,000 additional Twitter messages per day. Free users can read a maximum of 600 tweets per day, while new accounts can view a maximum of 300 more tweets per day. These limits were later increased to 8,000 messages for verified users, 800 messages for free users, and 400 tweets for new free users, but are now set to a maximum of 10,000 Twitter messages for verified users, 1,000 messages for free users, and 500 tweets for free users. Message for new users. for free users. There is currently no daily limit for posting Twitter messages.

In the original announcement tweet, Musk wrote that Twitter wants to deal with the “excessive data collection and system manipulation” that might occur on the social media platform with this daily limit. However, he did not provide more details. Daily limits will be temporary. Musk did not say how long these limits would remain active.

It was announced on Friday that users who are not logged in will not be able to access the web version of Twitter at this time. The platform requires unregistered users to log in from that day on. Failure to do so will redirect these users to the Twitter homepage. According to Elon Musk, this is also a temporary measure that was reportedly needed to prevent scrape against data.

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