How are China and the US reacting to the situation in Russia?

How are China and the US reacting to the situation in Russia?

“Putin seems certain that he does not want to exploit these domestic problems. During his telephone conversation with Macron and Schulz yesterday, Putin is said to have suggested here that Putin and Prigozhin should fight on their own and not give in to Putin. A hint that the West is behind this rebellion,” the American correspondent said. Rudy Bouma told the newspaper NOS Radio 1 Journal.


The US Secretary of State has also stated about the situation in Russia. “He visited essentially all the major media outlets today. Among other things, he said that Putin’s power is starting to show cracks and that Moscow must now focus on defending against mercenaries. He thinks we have completed the last act of direct attack on him. Putin’s power is not yet visible.”


Diplomatic contact between Russia and China over the weekend. Yesterday the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister was in Beijing. “I think it helped calm things down a bit and give context to what happened,” says China reporter Sjord den Das. “At the moment, China is the most important float that Russia still floats. The float that keeps Putin afloat. Viewed from China: They must have had some questions. I would like to know what the Kremlin’s analysis is. China’s interest here is security and stability on the border. If this results, it will be all kinds for China. It also poses risks. I think China has a skeleton in this area.”

According to Ten Das, there is no direct contact between Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping. “He certainly won’t let Putin fall, but he will be pragmatic about the man he entered into a partnership with last year. A partnership without borders. A weak Putin is very good for Xi. It gives Beijing more power in this relationship. , but a very weak Putin is certainly a nightmare. He If he falls, he will have one less partner on the world stage against the West.”

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