Flashed the crying motorist on the highway at nearly 400 kilometers per hour | house

Flashed the crying motorist on the highway at nearly 400 kilometers per hour |  house

A motorist appeared on a Belgian highway with a speed of at least 388 km / h. This is the corrected speed. At that time, the timer probably indicated a speed of about 413 km/h.

It would be a speeding offense that was committed last year. If the data is correct, it would be a “record”, according to Belgian newspaper La Dernière Heure. However, a police spokesperson told the Belgian newspaper’s editors that the Belgian Federal Police are not yet ruling out the possibility that it was a technical error.

The Federal Police stated in La Dernière Heure newspaper that “the exact location of the crime cannot be revealed because the investigation may still be ongoing”. It is only known that the accident occurred on a highway in Flanders. The type of car was not disclosed either, but it must have been a Bugatti-caliber super sports car. Not even Porsches can reach that speed.

The speed demon in question should in principle answer to the police court. Anyone who accelerates in Belgium and drives over 40 kilometers per hour too fast will automatically receive a recall in the post. In police court, speeding drivers risk a fine of up to €4,000 and a driving ban for 8 days to 5 years.

A few months ago, the Belgian judiciary reported a significant increase in the number of speeding fines. The number of violations increased from 4.9 million in 2021 to 6.2 million in 2022. This means an increase of at least 27 percent. Among other things, someone flashed at a speed of 247 kilometers per hour on the highway. Another car drove 169 kilometers per hour in an area where you are allowed fifty kilometers. (text continues below image)

With over 260kph on the A50 near Uden. The speed demon put pictures of it on the Internet. © Dumpert Video

High speed offenses are also committed regularly in the Netherlands. For example, a Porsche driver recently drove a speed of more than 260 kilometers per hour on the A50. Anyway, he did near Uden, Volkel, Zeeland and Vorstenbosch, as can be seen in the pictures on the internet at Dumpert movie site.

Bypass left and right

It is filmed how it accelerates to no less than 264 kilometers per hour. At this speed, the car is overtaken from the right and left and ripped through the hard shoulder. A motorcyclist recently posted pictures on the Internet showing that he was driving on the N road at a speed of 299 km / h. Maniacs who race on the road (highway) at high speed and share photos of it on social media have recently been exposed to a magnifying glass. That is, after a number of fatal accidents.

Punishment of glorified cracks

For example in Sprang-Capelle. A 33-year-old from Zevenbergschen Hoek drove a young family to death there, while filming how he was driving on the A59 at 250 per hour. By the way, he filmed it Often. According to the officer, thirteen serious traffic violations can be seen in 23 different videos. Things also go wrong at Oud Gastel. A driver from Roosendaal drove at a speed of one hundred kilometers per hour, killing two women and two children. More and more voices are calling for high-speed ripping to be “glorified” as a criminal offense.

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