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Red Bull presenteert speciale livery, FIA verhoogt maximale boete,

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One more night of sleep and the time has come: race weekend begins in Austin. Daniel Ricciardo will get behind the wheel of his AlphaTauri for the first time since Zandvoort and talk about his recovery ahead of the United States Grand Prix. Max Verstappen is in the hunt for a record-equalling fifteenth win of the season. The FIA ​​chief explains that it would not be right to punish such a victory. Verstappen is now said to be involved in the chaos at Red Bull. There is said to be a power struggle between Helmut Marko and Christian Horner. In any case, the latter is positive about Sergio Perez, who went to Texas well prepared. Also, the FIA ​​has announced a rule change regarding penalties.

Ben Sulaym on rules against Verstappen’s dominance: “It’s not right to punish victory”

The FIA ​​is also concerned about the current dominance of Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing, but according to Mohammed Ben Sulaiman, coming up with rules to reduce dominance would be difficult and unfair. “It’s happened many times: look at Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher. How to stop it? Punishing success is a bit harsh and not right. I mean, if you think there is a way, I’m open to suggestions. To be fair and democratic, Max and his team or any other. “The team should not be penalized. In fact, we are all listening here. But there is no way the FIA ​​can penalize a win,” explained the President. Read more? Click here!

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Horner: ‘Perez spent three days in the simulator, which he’s never done before’

Red Bull Racing’s team principal, Christian Horner, revealed that Sergio Perez spent three days in the simulator during the week. “Sergio is working overtime to get his season back. He spent three days in the simulator last week, which is something he’s never done in his life. We’ve set aside three days to help him solve problems. He’s been in Qatar and Japan. I think he’s made good progress, so this week “Hopefully it’ll be good in the end. He’s giving it everything he’s got and that’s very important,” Britt said. Glass. Read more? Click here!

Ricciardo discusses ‘long and painful’ recovery: “But I’m also a bit stupid”

Daniel Ricciardo returns to Formula 1 this weekend during the United States Grand Prix. He had to sit out no less than five races after fracturing his metacarpal during free practice at Zandvoort. “It’s been harder than I thought, but I’m a bit silly,” the happy Australian explained of his recovery. “When the accident happened, when we knew which bone was broken, there was no real concern about it, it was like, ‘It’s a relatively easy one’. But once the surgery was in Spain, we did further testing. . That’s why it took so long to heal and it was so painful for me.” Read more? Click here!

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Red Bull Racing provides the livery for the Grand Prix in the United States

The team of Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez unveiled the color scheme of the RB19 in America. Red Bull Racing intends to show a slightly different car design for all three races in the United States. The help of the fans has been sought for this. They were allowed to submit designs, and eventually Franco Cavallone’s design was chosen. The 39-year-old from Argentina has come up with a color scheme inspired by the Lone Star flag of Texas. Cavallone will therefore attend this weekend’s Grand Prix weekend at the Circuit of the Americas as a guest of Red Bull Racing. Read more? Click here!

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FIA increases maximum fine in Formula 1 from €250,000 to €1,000,000

The FIA ​​today announced the results of the World Motor Sport Council’s (WMSC) third meeting of the year. Notably, the maximum penalties that stewards can impose in championships under the FIA ​​have been increased. The amount was $250,000 across all classes and has remained unchanged for the past twelve years, but according to the FIA ​​”it no longer meets the needs of motorsport today.” In Formula 1, stewards are now allowed to impose a maximum fine of 1,000,000 euros, which is four times that. The amount has been increased to 750,000 euros in all other FIA World Championships. For all other championships, cups, trophies, challenges and series, a maximum of 500,000 euros applies. Read more? Click here!

Verstappen gives full support to Marco in riots at Red Bull Racing

Rumors surfaced last weekend that there would be upheaval within Red Bull Racing. A power struggle is said to be going on between Christian Horner and Helmut Marko. According to telegram The latter has the full support of Max Verstappen and Horner knows it too. Like Marco, Verstappen isn’t much into politics, and in that way they’re a bit similar. We know Marco as someone who is straightforward and doesn’t really care about PR or how the news should be handled. The Austrian simply tells the media whether Red Bull is ready for it or not. Verstappen also likes that approach and his support goes to the key adviser. Read more? Click here!

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