US letter to UN: Russia keeps death list for Ukraine | Abroad

US letter to UN: Russia keeps death list for Ukraine |  Abroad

In the letter, the United States said Russia had plans to use torture, abductions and “widespread human suffering” to target “opponents of Russian action” after the occupation of Ukraine.

The letter did not elaborate on the basis on which the United States was raising these suspicions.

Bathsheba Crocker, the US ambassador to the UN and other international organizations in the Swiss city of Geneva, writes that the actions of the Russian military in the aftermath of the invasion of Ukraine will mainly focus on dissidents from Russia who have been deported to that country. Belarus, journalists and anti-corruption activists and “vulnerable people such as religious and ethnic minorities and LGBTQI + individuals.”

In a letter to the UN Office of Human Rights’ OHCHR in Switzerland on Sunday evening, Crocker wrote: “We have credible information that the Russian military is preparing a list to kill Ukrainians or send them to camps after the military occupation.”

The U.S. administration is also said to have information that Russia will take drastic measures to suppress the peaceful protests and protests of civilians in Ukraine in the event of an invasion.

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