EU provides more details on sanctions if Russia invades Ukraine | Abroad

EU provides more details on sanctions if Russia invades Ukraine |  Abroad

Thus von der Leyen announced some details of the sanctions that Russia would face in the event of a possible invasion of Ukraine. Western and NATO leaders have feared such a Russian invasion for some time now. But they have so far refused to comment on the details of the economic measures agreed upon in this case.

“Russia will in principle be isolated from international financial markets,” the EU president told German TV channel ARD late on Sunday. She added that Russia would also be deprived of “all the goods that we manufacture, which Russia urgently needs to modernize and diversify its economy and for which it has no alternative.”

after the invasion

Von der Leyen emphasized that sanctions would not be imposed until after a possible invasion. In doing so, it rejected a call from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to immediately impose sanctions. “The move toward sanctions is so massive and drastic that we always have to give Russia a chance to return to diplomacy and the negotiating table first,” she said. This window is still open.

The United States also warned again on Sunday evening (local time) of “quick and tough measures if Russia chooses war over a diplomatic solution.” The US government did not go into details about the measures that would follow. White House spokesman Jen Psaki said the United States would “always stand ready” for diplomatic talks.

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