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The municipality of Rotterdam will offer employees and citizens the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the app itsme, which was originally Belgian. This way they can access municipal facilities.

The Select via itsme It is part of the Identity and Access Management Program for the Municipality of Rotterdam. The intent is for employees and residents of the municipality to have a digital identity, ensuring privacy, security and data sovereignty. itsme app is used for identification only. The app also supports digitally signing documents with a signature via Adobe Sign and DocuSign, among others, but Rotterdam does not integrate this functionality.

Itsme is especially popular in Belgium. The company claims to have 6 million users there and over 150 Belgian companies to work with. The identification method is also used for the application. The company behind it hopes to expand to the Netherlands. Rotterdam is the first Dutch municipality to incorporate itsme. The company is not only focused on the use of public services, but also by companies, such as banks.

Like DigiD, itsme fulfills the requirements to serve as a European login tool, based on European eIDAS Listwhich has been in effect since September 2018. The Belgian app also competes with iDIN by Currence, which focuses on recognition via banking applications, for example, insurance companies and electronic stores. Itsme was published in 2017 and is an initiative of Belgian banks Belfius, BNP Paribas Fortis, KBC / CBC, ING, telecom operators Orange, Proximus and Telenet.

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