Oliver Wyman acquires in US and Australia

Oliver Wyman acquires in US and Australia

Oliver Wyman has made two acquisitions in recent months. For the first time in three years the strategy consulting firm is back on the acquisition trail.

In Australia, Oliver Wyman acquired Azure Consulting this week, a boutique management consulting firm of about 20 experts. The company is renowned for its expertise and achievement record in the energy and natural resources sectors, assisting a large number of customers in their decarbonization efforts.

The Azure Consulting Group is led by partners Robert Radley (former founder of the Payne & Company office in Perth, Australia), Mark Bosnich, Oliver Kerr and Michael Crestanello. Accompanied by sixteen team members, they will travel to Oliver Wyman, where they will join when the contract expires next month.
“We’ve been approached about potential sales before, but this time there was real interest,” Radley said. “We are very excited about the opportunity to bring Oliver Wyman’s full range of capabilities and expertise to our clients.”

For Oliver Wyman, the acquisition is part of his ambitious development plans for the Australian consulting market. According to Oliver Wymans Asia Pacific managing partner Jacob Hooke, further acquisitions are planned in the near future.

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In the fall of 2021, Oliver Wyman took over the life sciences strategy division of the Huron Consulting Group in the United States. With the deal, Oliver Wyman added a team of 80 experts to his US practice, including 12 associates. The deal expired last November.

Nick Stooder, Oliver Wyman’s President and CEO, said: “The entire healthcare system, including the life sciences, is under tremendous pressure.

“With the arrival of this experienced team from Huron, Oliver Wyman can make an even bigger impact on the field of life sciences.”

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Worldwide, Oliver Wyman has over 5,000 consultants from 60 cities in 30+ countries. The company is part of Marsh McLennan, the parent company of Mercer, Marsh and Guy Carpenter.

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