Tornadoes, severe storms kill at least 26 in US, concert hall roof collapses: ‘total chaos’ | Abroad

Tornadoes, severe storms kill at least seventeen in US, roof collapses at concert hall |  Abroad

With videoAt least 26 people have been killed in tornadoes and severe storms that hit the US states of Arkansas, Indiana and Illinois. Dozens of people have been hospitalized. Many roads are still impassable. The storm is moving towards the northeast of the country. The roof of a concert hall collapsed in Belvidere, Illinois.

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At least one person was killed and 28 concertgoers were injured. The room held 260 people for performances by death metal bands Morbid Angel, Revocation and Skeletal Remains. A local police chief says it’s “absolute chaos”. 18-year-old concertgoer Jessica Hernandez testifies: ,, the lights went out and I heard a noise. Everything collapsed.”

Belvidere, a city of 25,000 in northwestern Illinois, is about 60 miles from Chicago. At the time of the accident, the wind speed was measured at 145 kilometers per hour.

Seven deaths were confirmed in the state of Tennessee on Saturday, CNN reported.

The roof of the Apollo Theater in Belvidere collapsed. © AB

Dozens of tornadoes

Dozens of tornadoes were reported in seven states, including Arkansas, in the past 24 hours. Five people died in the town of Wynne and one in Little Rock, where dozens were injured and the natural disaster wreaked havoc.

Residents of Little Rock, the capital of Arkansas, woke up to cars exploding, huge trees uprooted, telephone poles snapped and homes destroyed. The city of Vine in the state’s northeast has been “cut in half by damage,” Mayor Jennifer Hobbs told CNN. Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders declared a state of emergency yesterday and called in 100 National Guardsmen.

Little Rock was hit hard.
Little Rock was hit hard. © Getty Images via AFP

273 kilometers per hour

In Indiana, 3 people died after the storm hit Sullivan County. At least 154,000 households are without power, according to US website Poweroutage. The National Weather Service warned that the Northeast — including Ohio — could still be hit by high winds and severe storms.

Two people died in Alabama and Mississippi. A week ago, powerful storms hit the southeastern United States, killing at least 26 people. An overnight tornado nearly leveled the entire community of Rolling Fork, Mississippi. The maximum wind speed was 273 kilometers per hour.

People search for an exit from the collapsed concert hall amid the rubble, a picture shared on social media.
People search for an exit from the collapsed concert hall amid the rubble, a picture shared on social media. © via REUTERS

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