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El Salvador koopt weer groots de bitcoin dip

El Salvador, the only country in the world where Bitcoin (BTC) It is legal tender, again Bitcoin Bought dip. On January 21, President Neb Bukele stated that El Salvador had bought a whopping 410 bitcoins for $15 million.

“Some guys sell really cheap,” Bukele says. It’s a sign that the boss still has great faith in everyone’s mother Cryptocurrency. However, El Salvador loses outright with this purchase, such as Bitcoin price It has declined further since then. This 410 BTC is currently worth about $14.67 million.

Bitcoin plunged with stock prices combined Thursday night, losing 11.5% of its value. Yesterday, that drop continued and this time the price fell another 13%. This morning, Bitcoin touched a low of $34,000, after dropping as much as 28% in two days. It is the lowest price of bitcoin since the end of July. Bitcoin appears to be making a slight recovery at the time of writing after a small period bounce, bounce on $34,000. However, the price is still struggling to break $36,000.

El Salvador buys snorkeling often

The president has bought the dip with El Salvador more in recent months, but not at as low a price as the current one. For example, buy another 21 bitcoins Time is 21:21:21 day 21You are day 21You are year 21You are a century. El Salvador has amassed a whopping 1,801 BTC in the past six months since the country’s Bitcoin law was passed. This treasury is currently valued at approximately $64.5 million.

However, the president’s massive confidence in Bitcoin Not everyone in the country shares it. Also, some regulators and Credit rating agencies are struggling with this initiative. Despite this, the president is betting 100% on bitcoin. I recently left El Salvador Bitcoin small loans achieve, Bitcoin bonds coming soon You will spend and adopt the president Currently a real bitcoin city.

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