Samsung Galaxy A52(s) gets update to Android 12 (in NL and BE)


First Dutch users can now upgrade to Android 12 at Galaxy A52 to install. The upgrade is available on the 5G version of the device, as well as Samsung’s One UI 4 interface. In Belgium, you can also use Galaxy A52s update. January 21 Supplement: From now on, the upgrade is also available on Dutch A52s.

Samsung Galaxy A52 update to Android 12 in Netherlands and Belgium

Galaxy A52(s) update: Android 12 en One UI 4

When Samsung released a file official scheduleg to bring up a file Android 12 update Announced, it has become clear that the first phone in the A series will be available from February. When earlier this week The upgrade has already appeared on the Galaxy A72Turns out, that plan wasn’t right. And indeed: today, in the middle of January, you can also start using the Galaxy A52.

The 2.2 GB major update is also ready for the 5G version of this device. Firmware version A526BXXU1BUL7 does three things in one fell swoop. the January security patch Android version 12 and version 4 of the One UI interface will be installed. ADD: On Galaxy A52s you get A528BXXU1BUL7 firmware version.

With the major upgrade, some minor and major changes will come to the Galaxy A52(s). The full changelog is at the bottom of this article. Most notably, it is completely new color palette Job, the Improvement always on screen, and the Indicator showing when camera and microphone are active. Moreover, in One UI 4 you can directly Create GIFs on your keyboard by yourself with emojis, and – if necessary – you will receive more information in future firmware updates.

The camera is also improved, with an updated interface with new zoom icons, and an improved way to scan documents. For viewing there now Extra Darkening The option, to make the screen less bright if you want to read in the dark, for example. For more tips and descriptions, you can also check out our coverage of Changes in One UI 4 to dive.


If you haven’t done the update yet, you may still be able to download a file Tips on preparing and installing Android 12 update on your Samsung phone read. After the update, you should in any case be thinking that a lot is still happening with your device. During the first hours or days after installation, the system re-optimizes itself. This results in a higher power consumption, so it appears that your battery initially lasts less. However, when this process is completed, the power consumption will return to normal.


Currently, the Android 12 OTA update is available at without brand Galaxy A52 and A52s 5G in Netherlands and Belgium. You can’t download it on a 4G model at the time of writing – just like on different types branded Vodafone and T-Mobile devices. We also expect it to be rolled out later this month on all A52 models for which the upgrade is not yet available.

You will receive a notification once it has been downloaded to your device. You can always manually check if you can actually download Android 12, if you do Settings disgusting system update go there Download and install To be.

Did you receive the update on your Galaxy A52(s)? Is everything working properly? Are you facing new errors?

(Thanks, Petra, Willem, and Marinus!)

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