February 1, 2023

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Oil tanker rejected by Russia off the Dutch coast

Oil tanker rejected by Russia off the Dutch coast

Russian ships, or ships belonging to Russia, are in principle prohibited from entering European ports, but there are exceptions. For example, Russian ships carrying food and agricultural products remain welcome.

The trade union FNV Havens persuaded the parties involved to deny access to the Sunny Liger at the port of Amsterdam. The union also made the same appeal to the workers of the port of Rotterdam. “This ship is not welcome, because we are announcing that it is infected,” FNV Havens’ Hajji told NOS last week.It admitted that there was no legal basis for the vessel’s refusal.

FNV Havens says a boycott of all Russian ships or ships carrying Russian cargo is not legally feasible. The guild does not dare, for fear of losing the suits of ship owners.

While the Russian tanker was off the coast of IJmuiden, the crew made no request for mooring. The ship’s owner could not be reached for comment.

Other Russian ships to Rotterdam without any problems

During the period when Sunny Liger was off the coast of IJmuiden, seven more tankers carrying Russian oil and petroleum products entered the port of Rotterdam. One is still around, and the others are already on their way to a new destination. One other tanker Russian oil was able to enter the port of Amsterdam without any problems.

There is no EU ban on Russian oil imports yet, but Brussels this week presented plans to get it done this year. The proposal to member states is to halt imports of crude oil within six months and also with manufactured petroleum products, such as gasoline and diesel, by the end of the year. All member states must agree to an agreement.

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