Marie Cees van Rossem, 77, dies stars

Marie Cees van Rossem, 77, dies  stars

Van Rossem gained national fame through the TV show Here is Van Rosems† In it she discussed the cultural heritage of a different city each week with her brothers Vincent and Martin, a well-known historian. Mary was given the nickname Sis by her brother Martin which is an abbreviation of the English word for “sister”.

NTR began in 2015 and included 48 episodes in eight seasons. In another series of 2019 called Brothers in BerlinMary had to be absent due to health problems. She was unable to participate in the program at the time due to emphysema, a chronic lung condition characterized by a chronic cough, shortness of breath, and wheezing in the chest.

For a large part of her life, Van Rossum worked in education, both in secondary schools and at the Hogeschool Utrecht. Since 2018, Sis has been writing a column for Martin!her brother Martin’s magazine.

educated woman

Omroep NTR describes Van Rossum as “an exceptionally witty and cultured woman, who often makes us growl with laughter. But also someone who knew how to bring art history closer to people and did not hesitate to give his own sometimes contradictory opinion.”

In consultation with the family, it will be the remainder of the current season Here is Van Rosems It is still airing, according to NTR. There are three episodes left. The first episode of the ninth season was filmed three weeks ago. That episode, in which the family visits Zierikzee, is broadcast by the announcer as a “homage to Sis” after the current season.

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