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3090 is not just a giant name. In principle, it performs exactly the same role except for marketing. Titan was just a name and was originally a replacement for the x90 card. 90 The name is back now.

The Titan RTX and Titan V were just worthless cards in terms of value. This is always with the best models.

The GTX1080Ti was also significantly cheaper than the Titan X (Pa). The 980Ti was also significantly cheaper than the original Titan X. This is not new.

What about the original Ryzen generation? The R7 1700 was orders of magnitude cheaper than, say, the semi-last i7 5960X and its Broadwell E successor, but it was equal or faster in almost all tasks.

Or the people who bought a Threadripper 1950X / later threadripper with an expensive motherboard. Then the generation after the R9 3950X comes out.

The GTX 1080 also went for €800 initially and then was reduced to 500+. If you don’t want to pay too much, you shouldn’t be up front. Buying the best models and adopting early is a must to beat value.

Certainly if you buy a GPU for €2000, you cannot expect that you will actually get value for money. Over the past 10 GPU generations, the second highest model has always been 90% faster than the first.
More often than not, the top model of the last (upper) generation of the mid-range is compared to the next. It works it works All the time again like that. Sometimes there isn’t an impressive generation between them, but that’s rare, especially in the case of Nvidia.

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