NPO enters into discussion with broadcaster ON about the anti-Semitic statements of the organizer

NPO enters into discussion with broadcaster ON about the anti-Semitic statements of the organizer

The NPO will speak with the management of new broadcaster Ongehoord Nederland (ON) about anti-Semitic statements by the chair of the supervisory board, which the NRC is writing about. The media authority was also asked to investigate Taco Dankers’ comments: “We are extremely shocked by these reports. Anti-Semitism and racism don’t deserve any space in public broadcasting,” according to the NPO.

NPO’s reply to NOS on Reports from the Norwegian Refugee Council About Dankers. The newspaper stated that in recent years, he made various anti-Semitic and racist statements in interviews and publications.

For example, Israel and the Jews are said to be driving mass immigration to Europe, in part in order to “weaken Western societies”, “It is estimated that 50 percent of the slave trade in Amsterdam/Netherlands was Jewish” and he wonders why “their country” so desperately wants to live In a ‘host country’ where ‘not quite likeable’, in response to the news that America wants to fight anti-Semitism.

“It’s about the content,” that’s all Dankers wants to tell NRC. NOS can’t access it yet.

“Classic anti-Semitic prejudice”

National Anti-Semitism Coordinator (NCAB) Edo Verdoner described the remarks as “pure hate”. He described Dankers’ Gefira’s September newsletter as “a statement that appears to have come straight out of World War II.” In Gephira 56, “the bull is taken by the horns and the eternal question of the Jews and the Jews is dealt with”, just as the question “Why is the world divided between us and them”, so it can be read On the Gefira . website.

The Center for Information and Documentation of Israel (CIDI), which monitors anti-Semitism, also notes that Dankers has “all kinds of classic anti-Semitic prejudices,” as director Hanna Loden puts it: “It really makes you sick in your stomach. This guy is not suitable for a position on a public broadcaster.” “.

According to Lowden, CIDI will report on Dankers’ comments. The NCAB says in a tweet that it’s time for a “conversation with the prosecution.”

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