Martin van Rossem feels ‘tricked’ by Bear Second Weather | TV

Martin van Rossem feels 'tricked' by Bear Second Weather |  TV

In the brief test, the historian specifically indicated areas of interest that he believed the questions he would receive in the broadcast would be. Although Martin van Rossum says he doesn’t want to waste too many words, he’s happy to explain how he lived through his participation in last week’s anniversary broadcast.

“Here you define an area of ​​interest and I did. And that area of ​​interest was very simple, the United States after 1945 with a special interest in foreign policy. And maybe a question about cars. But with the best will in the world, you can’t say that this area of ​​interest was actually The subject of the questions. The historian believed that the three questions he received, including questions about the 1940-1945 Dutch occupation, were “strange questions”. “We did not agree on that.” So he felt “cheated”. “I sent them an angry email. But they knew no harm about the Prince.”

beautiful angles

A spokesperson for BnnVara, on behalf of the editors in the second hand in a telegraph Know that the participants are already indicating an area of ​​interest and that the editors “tried to come up with interesting angles.” We have stayed within its territory in the twentieth century, especially the United States and the Cold War. It is not the case that the player receives questions within only one area of ​​interest. We always try to connect with the player’s knowledge, but in an original way. This is the nature of the test.”

So the editors find it unfortunate that Martin van Rossem experienced it differently. Talk about an “unpleasant experience”. “The editors were very pleased with Van Rossem’s involvement! (…) Unfortunately, it appears from his reaction that Van Rossem experienced it differently.” The editors once again emphasize the positive aspects of his participation: “While he got a good grade, he told interesting things about the people and things discussed in the questions. Thanks in part to Van Rossem, an impressive amount has been allocated to the UNICEF COVAX vaccination programme. That’s why we would like To thank him again for his participation.”

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