NPO and Talpa unresponsive to rumors of Frans Klein switch | modes

NPO and Talpa unresponsive to rumors of Frans Klein switch |  modes

The NPO’s director, Frans Klein, is advancing accordingly advertisement For John de Mol’s media company, Talpa Network. Talpa Network and NPO have informed that they will not comment on the rumours.

Klein is the Director of Video at NPO. He resigned at the end of last year pending the results of the nonprofit’s investigation into the abuse The world continues to transform (DWDD). Accordingly advertisement The 58-year-old Klein will soon sign the contract with Talpa.

It is not known what position Klein will hold in Talpa’s network. The company has Paul Romer as Director of Radio and Television, Marco Lovrens as Director of Television, and René Ostermann as President of SBS6. Earlier this year, strategic advisor Erland Galgaard left Talpa.

Klein is responsible for programming at NPO. He was Director of Television at BNNVARA until 2014, after which he moved to NPO Management.

After De Volkskrant published an article in November about the behind-the-scenes abuses in the DWDDKlein decided to temporarily resign after an investigation by a non-profit organization. At that time, as a TV director, he was in charge of the BNNVARA program.

“To prevent any discussion of the independence of the investigation, Frans Klein has indicated that he will temporarily step down from his position pending the outcome of the investigation,” the organization wrote in a statement.

Klein doesn’t seem to want to wait for the results of the investigation with the potential to turn into Talpa’s network.

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