Jelly Brewer, 59, host of NTR Kunstoff, has passed away

Jelly Brewer, 59, host of NTR Kunstoff, has passed away

Gilly Brewer, 59, has been one of the regular presenters since Kunstoff’s inception.Statue of Hildy Harshagne

Earlier this week, it was announced that Brewer is terminally ill. Editor-in-Chief Yvonne Hoxbergen reported in a broadcast plastic Monday that she was “in the final stages of her life”.

The 59-year-old Jelly Brewer has been since the beginning of plastic One of the regular presenters. The program has been on radio since 2001. NTR says it is “extremely grateful” to Brouwer for the “wonderful interviews” and “phenomenal collegiality”. “Gili was a very personable interviewer. As she put herself in an interview with V.I De Volkskrant A few years ago: “I don’t want to test whether my guests are good, but I am curious about their motives. To the great things in life: friendship, love and death.”

missed the radio

Hoksbergen said at the end of the program that NTR and Radio 1 had received many questions about where Brouwer had gone because she had not been heard on the radio for some time. According to the editor-in-chief, many have missed her voice and her interviews.

Geli Breuer was born on January 21, 1964 in Groningen. After studying journalism, she worked as an editor and host of various radio programs for nearly fifteen years before joining plastic seem. Brewer is married to singer-songwriter and psychotherapist Philip Cronenberg. She has three daughters with him. Breuer and Cronenberg lived in Scheveningen, where she died on Sunday.

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