Are (Prince) Archie and (Princess) Lilibit already in the UK too?

Are (Prince) Archie and (Princess) Lilibit already in the UK too?

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan returned to the UK nearly two weeks ago. What should have been a short visit for a charity evening, became a day of mourning for Queen Elizabeth’s death. Did the Sussex kids, Archie and Lily, really come from California? And what does the future hold for them now that their grandfather Charles is king?

Archie and Lilik

Like many of the Queen’s young grandchildren, Archie (3) and Lily (1) did not attend their grandmother’s funeral (Elizabeth’s dogs attended, but they did not enter Westminster Abbey either). The question is whether Harry and Meghan’s children ever came to England. The Sussex family originally planned to return to their California home on September 9, but the Queen’s death delayed this return until after the funeral.

Harry and Meghan will not be staying in the UK anymore Funeral She plans to return to California. They clearly weren’t willing to walk away for that long,” said one of them From the royal interior in yes! magazine. “It’s been an emotional, heartbreaking week – but they are of course looking forward to getting back to Lilibet and Archie. They haven’t been away from the kids for long.”

The Duchess of Sussex and Queen Consort watch the coffin pass. Photo: BrunoPress

harry’s birthday

According to this insider, Archie and Lily did not fly to the UK during the mourning period. It was previously speculated that Megan’s mother Doria would cross the ocean with her grandchildren, so Archie and Lillibet could join them. Dad’s birthday could be.

princess prince

So now it looks like Harry and Meghan have reunited with their families in California, after a few long days without their kids. Major projects, such as Meghan’s podcast and Harry’s memoirs, have the Sussex family on hold for the time being. They will likely receive it again soon.

The biggest change for Archie and Lily now that their grandfather Charles is king is that they are entitled to the titles of Prince and Princess. As descendants of the king, they were automatically given these titles. But it remains to be seen if the children of Sussex will actually use these nicknames. On .’s website Royal family The titles “Master Archie” and “Miss Lilibet” have yet to be modified, while they are Other royal family members with a new name Good.

Do not use the address

Archie and Lilipt won’t be the only ones entitled to the title of prince, but let it go. Children of Prince Edward, the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth, can have fun too Princess Louise Call Prince James. However, their parents chose not to use these surnames so that their children could live without royal obligations. Princess Anne also decided to decline the Queen’s offer to give her children royal titles. Ann said about her two children Peter and Zara in an interview with Vanity Fair. “So I think it was the right choice.”

Officially, Archie and Lili are also now allowed to call themselves “Your Royal Highness,” but since their parents had to hand this predicate, it’s not at all likely that we’ll really have two California Highnesses.

Source: OK! Magazine, People, City and Country | Photo: BrunoPress

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