Consumer confidence fell to a new low | interior

Consumer confidence fell to a new low |  interior

Consumers have never been as pessimistic as they were in September, reports the Central Bureau of Statistics. Consumer confidence fell by five points this month to -59. And there are many concerns about, among other things, their financial situation.

The new measurement is well below the average of the past 20 years. This is at negative 9.

Nearly half of the respondents to the CBS survey do not expect to be able to save any money for the next twelve months. In addition, the desire to buy has not been as low as this month.

Consumers were also pessimistic about the economy, rating both the past 12 months and the next 12 months negatively. Since the measurements began in 1986, the Dutch have not been pessimistic about the economy.

Like many other countries, the Netherlands has to deal with very high inflation. Energy prices in particular have risen, causing many concerns about the affordability of electricity and gas bills. So this was a big topic at Prinsjesdag. The Cabinet announced billions of euros of measures to support purchasing power, including a price cap for electricity and gas.

Inflation makes life more expensive, but how exactly does inflation work?:

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