More than 400 thousand people will benefit from a minimum wage, that’s the amount | money

More than 400 thousand people will benefit from a minimum wage, that's the amount |  money

Minimum wage workers will have around 36 euros per month extra in their bank account from July 1. This represents an increase of approximately 2 percent.

This is evidenced by the accounts of the human resource service provider Visma | I saw. ‘With these calculations we didn’t take into account pensions,’ says Jock van der Velpen, director of law and regulations. So the amount may vary slightly.

The minimum gross wage for employees aged 21 and over will rise from 1934.40 to 1995 euros per month. The minimum wage also rose in January, at that time by 10.15%. In December last year, the employee was still earning a total of 1,756.20.

Youth wages are on the rise

The youth minimum wage is also on the rise. The 20-year-old earns €9.21 an hour based on a 40-hour work week. A 16-year-old will receive a minimum of €3.98 from 1 July. This was €8.93 and €3.85, respectively.

Employees who work more than 36 hours per week can expect a big raise in January 2024. A full-time position can consist of 36, 38, or 40 hours. This is specified in the contract or collective agreement. Now everyone who works full time gets the same minimum wage. “Someone who has a 40-hour full-time contract receives the same amount as someone who works 36 hours. It’s not really fair. So someone who has a 40-hour contract actually works four hours for free.”

That will change from January. Then the minimum hourly wage is entered. “So you’re really paying for your hours.”

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Part-timers can also make great progress. “It depends on how many hours are considered full-time in your organization,” says van der Velpen. If it’s more than 36 hours, you’ll get better.

Decrease in the number of people earning the minimum wage

According to Statistics Netherlands, 439,000 people in the Netherlands had a minimum wage job in 2021. Half of them were under the age of 25. “Maybe that number is lower now,” van der Velpen says. “Because the labor market is tight, companies have to pay more to have employees. In construction, for example, very little minimum wage is paid.

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