There is only one new Toyota Land Cruiser in the Netherlands

There is only one new Toyota Land Cruiser in the Netherlands

Toyota Land Cruiser has a good reputation. It is literally indestructible, which is why it is so popular in Africa, Australia and the Middle East. There is only one of these new ones in the Netherlands. We led him.

In fact, this Toyota is not the new Land Cruiser, because it was already launched in 2021. This model exists under and is called Prado in most countries. Except in the Netherlands, where the importer doesn’t have to create a distinction with the larger Land Cruiser, as it has been no longer available here since 2016.

Toyota Land Cruiser goes back to basics

With the fifth generation Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, the brand has gone back to basics, starting with appearance. This combines design elements from classic 60’s, 70’s and 80’s Land Cruisers into a delightfully modern classic design.

Can be operated with gloves

The Land Cruiser’s interior is a breath of fresh air. Toyota wants all vehicle functions to be easy to operate, even by someone wearing work gloves. That’s why the buttons on the steering wheel and dashboard can’t be missed even if you try.

belovedThe new Toyota Land Cruiser is a really good off-roader

Not an SUV, but an all-terrain vehicle

The fact that this is not a modern SUV, but an off-road vehicle, is revealed by a set of controls in the middle tunnel, around the automatic transmission selector lever. This allows the driver, among other things, to engage low range, lock the differential and disengage the front stabilizer bars.

New 2.8 liter turbo diesel engine

You might expect a Toyota to be a hybrid, but the Land Cruiser simply has a diesel engine. New 2.8-litre four-cylinder turbo engine with 204PS and 500Nm, ready for a 3500kg braked trailer.


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♬ original sound – Autovisie

Horses do not need to be put on the Atkins diet before being allowed into the trailer. Next year, Toyota will add a mild hybrid version to the delivery program. It will be a stronger part.

  • Great retro modern look
  • Solid reputation
  • Spacious and easy to use
  • High draw weight
  • Actually very big and very bulky
  • It does not come by itself in the Netherlands
  • The structure and direction are mystical and mysterious
  • Certainly not a deal breaker

A great off-roader, with a spacious and easy-to-use cabin. It doesn’t really come on its own in the Netherlands. Except for tractors for horse trailers or other heavy trailers.

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