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Microsoft has sold more than 21 million units of Xbox Series X and S consoles. The company reported this during the Brazilian Xbox Show. The company rarely says how many consoles it has sold. Sony has shipped nearly twice as many PlayStation 5 consoles.

of slides, Shared by Twitter user Idle SlothIt’s not clear how many Series S or X consoles Microsoft has sold individually. The company only mentions a total number of over 21 million. Microsoft says that 48 percent of Series S customers are new to the Xbox platform.

The company also says it has sold a total of more than 79 million Series and One consoles, or 58 million Xbox One consoles and 21 million Series consoles. Previously, Microsoft said the PlayStation 4 had sold more than twice as much as the Xbox One, matching those numbers. The same trend seems to apply to the series consoles and the PlayStation 5. Based on Sony Annual Numbers The company has sold 38.4 million units of PlayStation 5 through April this year.

The numbers also show that there are 248.6 million “Windows gaming PCs” and 168.3 million users use the Windows Store every month. The number of Windows Store users grew by three percent last year. Among PC users, 15.6 million people use the Xbox PC app on a monthly basis, which is a twenty percent year-on-year growth.

In the presentation, the company also discussed its Game Pass subscription. For example, there are now over four hundred subscription console games and over three hundred PC games. There are over three hundred games that can be streamed from this collection. In South Korea, it is said that one in three users only use game streaming. It is amazing. Previously, the company said that game streaming is currently only used to a limited extent.

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