January 27, 2023

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Notre Dame offers fiery defense of genie amulet after study deemed it 'offensive'

Notre Dame offers fiery defense of genie amulet after study deemed it ‘offensive’

our lady He was pushed back to scrutinize his mascot.

Notre Dame, nicknamed the Fighting Irish, is said to have one of the most offensive mascots in the United States, according to a survey Quality Logo Products Blog. The Genie came fourth behind Philly the Warrior of Hawaii, the Aztec Warrior of San Diego, and Ossola and Renegade of Florida.


The university retracted this claim.

“It is worth noting…that there is no comparison between the nickname Notre Dame, mascot, Indian names, warrior names (and) amulets used by other institutions such as the NFL team formerly known as the Redskins,” the school said in a statement. statement to indie star on Monday. None of these institutions were founded or named by Native Americans who sought to highlight their heritage using the names and symbols associated with their people.

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“Our icons are ceremonial representations of Notre Dame’s authentic Irish heritage, a heritage we hold with respect, loyalty and affection.”

Nicknames and sporting mascots have come under more intense scrutiny since the summer of 2020. The Washington soccer team has changed its name from the Redskins and the Cleveland Indians plans to change their name to the Guardians next season.


The Kansas City Chiefs and Atlanta Braves have also been heavily criticized for their use of Native American surnames, but have not explained that they have plans to change their names. The Chiefs announced their decision to draw their horse Warpaint, and the Braves suppressed fans with a tomahawk during matches.

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